Should NMN be kept in the fridge? Will it degrade in transit?

I heard that NMN needs to be kept in the fridge, is that correct? Will it degrade in the delivery process?

Our NMN is stable at room temperature, and when stored correctly, reliably tests at over 99% purity at up to 2 years - our use-by date.

Our recommendations are to reseal the packet after use, and to store NMN in a cool dry place:

If your room temperature exceeds 24 degrees Celsius, it wouldn’t be considered cool, and storage in the fridge would be fine then.

With regards to the method of transport and transit time, the testing laboratory we use to verify the purity of our NMN is located in USA, with a transit time of 1-2 weeks from the UK, and our NMN reliably tests at a purity of over 99% every time, for every batch. Our NMN remains stable in transit, so transit time has no bearing on purity or quality of our NMN.