Questions regarding NMN dosage and volume

How many doses is 10 grams please? That is about 2 teaspoons worth of powder yes?
Thank you!

10g of NMN is 10x 1g servings, 20x 0.5g servings or 40x 0.25g servings.

The supplied 0.5ml spoon holds 125mg of NMN (0.125g) - as per the attached image. So 10g NMN is roughly equivalent to 40ml. A level teaspoon is 5ml, so the 10g packet is roughly equivalent to eight level teaspoons.

Please note that these calculations are rough, and NMN is sold by weight not volume.


How many servings is a Kilo and how much would it cost?
Also, how would I store that for personal use, temperatures/conditions?
What is the shelf life with proper storage please?

1kg of NMN is 1000x 1g servings, 2000x 0.5g servings or 4000x 0.25g servings.

We offer the following price breaks/pack sizes for NMN:
5g, 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg and 2kg

The price for 1kg is viewable on the above link.
The use-by date for the current batch of NMN is April 2021, and NMN should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place. The package should be re-sealed after use, and if purchasing bulk quantities, it is advisable to decant a portion into a glass jar that is opened for regular use.

We have two sizes of glass jars available for storing NMN, in 20g and 100g capacities:
These glass jars are available for purchase after adding NMN to the basket.

Could you tell me how long 5 grams last if you take it at the prescribed amount? Thank you.

There is no prescribed amount for NMN, but the recommended and upper dosages are as follows:
Recommended dosage: 0.5 grams (4x level 0.5ml scoops) per day.
Upper dosage: 1 gram (8x level 0.5ml scoops per day).

Note: The optimal dosage is unknown at this point, and is likely to be greater the older you are.

A 5g packet contains 20x 0.25g servings, or 10x 0.5g servings.

How long can NMN be used for?

It is worth checking the dosage and guidelines section of the website, and the warnings section.

From the dosage and guidelines section:

Note: The optimal dosage is unknown at this point, and is likely to be greater the older you are. For reference, Dr David Sinclair, Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, has been at the forefront of NMN discoveries and experimentation for several years. He is very careful to never give advice or recommendations regarding this[41], but is himself taking 1 gram of NMN per day with yoghurt (as of January 2019), and has been taking NMN for about 3 years[35].

From the warnings section:

Taking NMN as a nutritional supplement carries risks; it has only relatively recently been discovered to boost NAD+ levels, so the effect of long term NMN supplementation in humans is unknown. Use at your own risk.

It may be beneficial to take one or two days off per week from supplementing with NMN. There is no evidence to suggest that this is beneficial, but the body can respond positively when given periodic breaks from routine.

I am a female 68 years old and am very interested to try NMN. It’s quite expensive to take 1 gram per day. Do you think that 1/2 gram per day would suffice for me?

The recommended dosage is 0.5g per day. The optimal dosage is unknown at this point, but is likely to be greater the older you are.
Please see here for full details on dosage.

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