Is the lead content in NMN safe?

Hello. I am concerned about lead in the November 2019 batch. A little over 0.3ppm. Higher than I would like.

The current batch of NMN has a lead content of 0.311 ppm. Its important to take serving size into account - the upper NMN dose is 1g.

Chicken breast has a lead content of 0.15 ppm (Ramadan E. Abdolgader, Ramadan A. Hussain, Salah M. Hasan, Agoub A. Agoub. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 2013, 4, 763-766).

A typical serving size of chicken may be 100g. So 50x 1g servings of this batch of NMN will have approximately the same lead content as a single 100g serving of chicken.

Put another way, the same lead content would be consumed over approximately 2 months of NMN supplementation, as a single serving of chicken.

So although the PPM measurement is higher than some standard foods, the serving size is such that it is a relatively small amount and is perfectly safe for human consumption.